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Noise Cancelling Neck Travel Pillow

Noise Cancelling Neck Travel Pillow

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Want to be be extra comfortable when traveling and drown out the annoying noises around you? Then slip this cool new 3D Noise Cancelling Neck Travel Pillow around your neck and ears and enjoy some well-deserved peace and quiet on planes, trains, automobiles, or anywhere else. This innovative neck travel pillow has a triangular 3D structure that provides 360 degrees of neck and head support that also extends up to cover your ears for a noise cancelling effect that lowers noises by 30 decibels. It features 100% pure memory foam for superior comfort, a breathable microfleece and microsuede outer shell, and is compatible with earbuds if you want to listen to some tunes or podcasts while eliminating obnoxious environmental noises around you. It also make you kind of look like Lobot, who is the coolest, underrated character in The Empire Strikes Back.

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Noise Cancelling Neck Travel Pillow
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Noise Cancelling Neck Travel Pillow
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Noise Cancelling Neck Travel Pillow
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Noise Cancelling Neck Travel Pillow
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Noise Cancelling Neck Travel Pillow
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