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Mummy Pillows

Mummy Pillows

Oh, you thought that those decorative accent pillows on the sofa were safe to be around? Not so with these terrifyingly cool new Mummy Pillows. While at first glance, they may look like lovely little cotton throw pillows, but as you get closer you'll notice the spooky eyes of undead pyramid dwellers peering back at you from behind their linen bandages.

Even more startling is the fact that actual living pillows used to roam free throughout ancient Egypt and when they all one day froze mysteriously, they were gathered up, mummified, and entombed for centuries... That is, until a recent archeological dig by Pottery Barn that accidentally unleashed them from their pyramidal tombs. Now they are hiding in plain sight, waiting for a chance to munch on the tasty brains of unsuspecting nappers snoozing on the couch to recharge themselves back to full strength and once again rise up and flop around in search of unlimited power and total world domination! Muwahahahaa!

Note: Actually, they're just pillows that look like cute little mummies for Halloween. Not vicious and they do not moan!

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  • Made of cotton with linen bandages
  • Polyester filled
  • Size: 12" square

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