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Giant Chupa Chups Mega Lollipop - 65 Times Larger!

Giant Chupa Chups Mega Lollipop - 65 Times Larger!

If you really, really love suckers and have plenty of time, patience, and an iron sweet tooth, then you really need to unwrap one of these cool new Giant Chupa Chups Mega Lollipops. This massive scaled-up version of a classic Chupa Chups strawberry lollipop is over 13 inches long (65 times larger), weighs in at almost 2 pounds, and delivers up to 160 calories per serving, of which there are 18 of them. It includes a sturdy plastic stick to hang on to it while endlessly licking (unless you can somehow shove the whole sucker in your mouth) and is also great for trying to yank it free from the carpet when your kid drops it there and walks away.


  • Gigantic Lollipop: 65 times larger than a normal sucker
  • Completely solid strawberry sucker on a sturdy plastic stick
  • Real Chupa Chups flavor
  • 160 calories per serving (18 servings)
  • Weight: 1.75 pounds (790g)
  • Size: 13.5" x 3.75"

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