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Oven-Baked Tarantula

Oven-Baked Tarantula

Oven-Baked Tarantula

Whether you're a foodie that lives on the edge, an arachnophobic that wants to conquer their fear or just hungry for a Cambodian delicacy, than you need to sink your fangs into a terrifyingly tasty, crispy and crunchy Oven-Baked Tarantula. This huge 3.5" 8-legged furry spider comes ready to eat and is even served up on a petri dish platter. These tarantulas are collected from carefully monitored sources in Cambodia to ensure their preservation and are baked, never fried, by locals. They make an evil gift or a naturally healthy snack - you can clean your teeth afterwards with the fangs!

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  • Oven-baked and ready to eat - just remove the fangs first
  • Collected from carefully monitored sources to ensure their preservation, and cooked by locals
  • A charming (and hairy) delicacy of Cambodia
  • Baked, not fried - so it's much healthier than normal fried tarantulas you can get all over
  • Can also be warmed up in an oven - instructions included.
  • Size: approx 3.5" diameter petri dish (spider is roughly that size too)

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