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Self-Sanitizing Sleep Cocoon

Self-Sanitizing Sleep Cocoon

When traveling, no matter whether you're staying in a nice hotel or even a friend or family's guest room, do you really trust that bed? Nope! This cool new Self-Sanitizing Sleep Cocoon is a durable yet lightweight travel sheet / cozy sleep cocoon made from an antimicrobial linen fabric that kills nearly 100% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses and the protective properties cannot be washed away over time. It also has a built-in hood / pillowcase to protect your head from the highly questionable pillow as well. The perfect way to enjoy a little extra peace-of-mind while you slumber away on a trip.


  • Sanitized Sleeper's Safe Haven
  • Dermatologist-recommended sleep cocoon with a patented antimicrobial fabric that kills nearly 100% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses
  • Self-sanitizing lightweight and portable cocoon keeps you worry-free when on the road for business or pleasure
  • Protective properties cannot be washed out
  • Linen fabric is durable enough to perform for a lifetime
  • Size: 82" L x 44" W x 0.25" D

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