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Numi Smart Travel Backpack With Solar Panel

Numi Smart Travel Backpack With Solar Panel

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When you need more power on the go to charge up your smartphone, tablet, camera, and other assorted gadgets, your old dumb backpack isn't going to be of any help, you're going to need to upgrade to this cool new Numi Smart Travel Backpack. This unique weather-resistant smart backpack features an integrated 7 watt solar panel, either a 11,000 mAh or 22,000 mAh battery pack, two USB 3.0 ports, hidden zippers to thwart pickpockets, five hidden compartments, easy access pockets, a built-in rain hoodie for you, a rain cover for it to provide extra protection from extreme weather elements, reflectors to keep you extra visible at night, water bottle holder, and is available in 20 or 30 L sizes. Perfect for backpacking out in the great outdoors, camping, bugging out in survival situations, power outages, or just while taking a leisurely walk to get some much needed fresh air while charging up your phone.

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Numi Smart Travel Backpack With Solar Panel
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Numi Smart Travel Backpack With Solar Panel
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Numi Smart Travel Backpack With Solar Panel
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Numi Smart Travel Backpack With Solar Panel
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Numi Smart Travel Backpack With Solar Panel
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Numi Smart Travel Backpack With Solar Panel
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Numi Smart Travel Backpack With Solar Panel
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Numi Smart Travel Backpack With Solar Panel
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Numi Smart Travel Backpack With Solar Panel
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