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Recycled Fire Hose Dopp Kit

Recycled Fire Hose Dopp Kit

Recycled Fire Hose Dopp Kit

A fire hose is designed for ultra rugged use as it's frequently dragged and yanked around the sites of raging fires and is also able to support extreme water pressure without bursting. Well, after these hardcore hoses retire from service, they now get to travel the world and hold a few essential toiletries along the way as they're repurposed into these cool new Recycled Fire Hose Dopp Kits. These extra tough dopp kits are handcrafted from real fire hoses used in actual fires and feature dual layers of woven synthetic canvas that is water- and mildew-resistant all sewn together with triple seams. It should last you a lifetime as long as your vacation hotel doesn't burn down and also makes a nice dopp kit for actual firefighters down at the firehouse.

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