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Water Clock

Water Clock

Water Clock

The cool new Water Clock from designer Kouichi Okamoto is a unique minimalist timepiece that tells time with water, magnets, and balls. The red ball shows the hour, the white ball shows the minute, and they both magically circle around in the water like a traditional analog clock via two rotating magnets embedded in the ceramic base. Very cool, but, unfortunately, if you have a cat, it's going to end up being used as a water bowl.

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  • Designer: Kouichi Okamoto
  • Tells time with water and magnets
  • Inside the ceramic base are 2 rotating magnets which attract 2 balls
  • Red ball shows the hours
  • White ball shows the minutes
  • Materials: Ceramic, Polypropylene, Magnets
  • Size: 2" H x 7.85" W x 7.85" D

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