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Plant Life Support - H2O IV Drip Bag

Plant Life Support - H2O IV Drip Bag

Plant Life Support - H2O IV Drip Bag

If you tend to overwater or underwater your poor houseplants to death, then check out this cool new Plant Life Support from Bubblegum Stuff. Designed to look like a miniature medical IV drip bag, this fun automatic irrigation system for houseplants keeps them properly watered for up to 7 days with no doctors, nurses, or green thumbs required. Just fill the IV drip bag with water, hang it from the included staked stand to keep it upright, and then run the IV drip feed line down into the soil where the plant patient will absorb just the right amount of water that it needs. Now, if you happen to have a voracious Audrey II plant, just use blood instead of water.

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  • Tired of killing your houseplants?
  • Hook your plants up to a miniature 350ml IV drip bag!
  • Pop it into a pot with the included stand, fill it up with water and it'll take care of the rest
  • Long stake stand goes into your plant pot to keep the drip upright
  • Slowly feeds your plant with just the right amount of water as and when it needs it
  • Ideal for looking after your plants while you're on short trips away
  • The perfect gift for forgetful plant parents
  • Waters plants for up to 7 days

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