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Little Shop Of Horrors - Audrey II Replica

Little Shop Of Horrors - Audrey II Replica

If you've never seen the crazy fun 1986 musical movie about a blood-thirsty extraterrestrial venus flytrap called Little Shop Of Horrors with Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, Bill Murray, John Candy, and more ... it's a must see flick. After you watch, you'll probably think twice about feeding this cool new Little Shop Of Horrors - Audrey II Replica any droplets of blood from your finger. This handmade replica prop of the infamous plant depicts it in its small seedling stage when it was still living in a little Maxwell House coffee can. It makes a cool gift for any fan of the movie or musical or a double-take inducing decorative item when placed in the window of a flower shop or lobby of a sadistic dentist's office. Feed me, Seymour!

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