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Imperial Puzzle Rug

Imperial Puzzle Rug

Imperial Puzzle Rug

The cool new Imperial Puzzle Rug is the first floor rug to ever be considered fun. Arriving in a set of ten jigsaw-like pieces, this rug can be put together any decorative way you like. Each set comes in the same color, so to mix and match colors to make unique patterns, multiple sets would be needed.

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  • Contains 10 pieces of same color that can be arranged in any way you like
  • Combine multiple sets to mix and match the colors
  • Designed to fit any floor space
  • Origin: Lithuania
  • To cover a 10' X 3.5' area = 4 boxes
  • To cover a 5' X 8' area = 5 boxes
  • Material: 100% polypropylene; secondary backing: halfbad resine-ster (rubber)
  • Size: 15.7" W x 17.7" L x 0.2" H each piece

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