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Scrappy Shag Leather Rugs

Scrappy Shag Leather Rugs

Scrappy Shag Leather Rugs

It seems like every trend in the last few decades keep endlessly repeating over and over again and now even the infamous 1970s shag carpeting is back, but this time with a unique twist. These cool new Scrappy Shag Leather Rugs reimagine the shag carpets of yesteryear with soft leather strips used for the shaggy deep pile instead of yarn. These unique and offbeat area rugs are handmade in India from recycled leather strips and come in two sizes in either beige or chocolate. Groovy!

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  • Each rug is handmade from recycled leather from different sources
  • Delightful, offbeat floor covering
  • Butter-soft and textured underfoot
  • Colors: Beige or chocolate
  • Made in India
  • Size Small: 2' x 3'
  • Size Large: 5' x 8'

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