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3D Vortex Optical Illusion Rug

3D Vortex Optical Illusion Rug

3D Vortex Optical Illusion Rug

Need a floor rug that really ties the room together and then seemingly sucks it all down into an endless blackhole? Then tread carefully upon this cool new 3D Vortex Optical Illusion Rug. This double-take and vertigo inducing round floor rug looks like a black and white three-dimensional visual vortex tunneling down into your floor when viewed from a certain angle. Perfect for making furniture, sleeping pets, or even jumping people appear to float in mid-air above it.

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  • 3D visual vortex optical illusion anti-slip round floor rug
  • Bold block like patterns in shades of black and white produce an optical illusion
  • Material: polyester fiber (polyester)
  • Size: 5' 3"

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