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Wicket Kick - Giant Inflatable Kickball Croquet Set

Wicket Kick - Giant Inflatable Kickball Croquet Set

If standing around outdoors in the grass swinging wooden mallets around at little balls sounds boring, it is. However, croquet is a lot more interesting when you replace the mallets with people and the tiny wooden balls with jumbo sized inflatable kickballs like this cool new Wicket Kick Croquet Set lets you do. The stuffy ones will turn up their nose at this fun version of croquet, that allows players to run around kicking the giant inflatable croquet kickballs through the six oversized metal wickets that you can place anywhere you wish to make the course as easy or as challenging as you wish. Great for kids to burn off some excess energy and adults alike.


  • Kids will have a ball with this fun outdoor croquet game
  • Run and kick the inflatable croquet ball through a challenging course of wickets in the backyard
  • Make the course as hard or easy as you wish just by the way you space the six wickets
  • Includes: Two 14" Jumbo Inflatable Balls, 6 Powder Coated Metal Wickets, 2 Poles, and 1 Hand Pump

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