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Tocky Touch - Rolling Alarm Clock

Tocky Touch - Rolling Alarm Clock

Tocky Touch - Rolling Alarm Clock

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As a notorious lover of sleep and over-sleeping, I'm always on the hunt for a better alarm clock to awaken me from my deep, blissful slumber. The Tocky Touch - Rolling Alarm Clock by designer Gauri Nanda is not only one of the coolest looking little alarm clocks around, it may be one of the most fiendish.

When the time is right, this cute little alarm clock transforms into an annoying little monster that leaps from your nightstand and rolls around your bedroom endlessly until you get out of bed, hunt it down and shut it off. What's really cool is that instead of the usual boring beeps and rings, you can either upload your own MP3s or record your own creative sounds through it's built-in internal microphone. It features a simple, touch sensitive interface - just spin your finger around the dial to change the time or the track - and it comes in kiwi, aqua, black, orange and white. It's also the perfect alarm clock to drive your lazy, sleeping cat completely insane!

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