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Room Tech Beingz - Temper Tantrum Throwing Alarm Clock

Room Tech Beingz - Temper Tantrum Throwing Alarm Clock

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For me, the trouble with alarm clocks is that once I adapt and get used to the sound of the wake-up beep, I become completely immune to its sound. I need an alarm clock that goes a bit further and makes a little extra effort in its attempt to wake me up and get me out of bed in the morning. I found something interesting.

This cool new Room Tech Beingz - Temper Tantrum Throwing Alarm Clock is probably one of the most annoying and, at the same time, charming alarm clocks ever created. At first, it attempts to gently pre-awaken you by glowing for about 5 minutes prior to the alarm going off. If the bright light doesn't do it, then the initial alarm goes off and it taps its arms lightly. If you don't awaken and hit the snooze button within a minute, it then gets really upset and throws a full blown raging temper tantrum. It goes crazy, pounds its fists, and blasts the alarm for around an hour. I'm pretty sure that this madness on my nightstand will be able to stir me from my slumber.

When not in its evil alarm mode, this cute little clock is actually quite friendly. It dances to music played from its radio or connected MP3 player, swings its arms, and flashes its lights to the beat. Plus, like any good obedient alarm clock, you can pet it on its head sensor and it smiles and taps its little fists in appreciation.

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