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LawnBott LB3500 - Robotic Lawn Mower and Bluetooth-Compatible!

LawnBott LB3500 - Robotic Lawn Mower and Bluetooth-Compatible!

LawnBott LB3500 - Robotic Lawn Mower and Bluetooth-Compatible!

Why do you keep cutting your own grass in the 21st century? There are super cool and highly intelligent robots for this now and they actually do a much better job!

The LawnBott LB3500 - Robotic Lawn Mower operates autonomously, cutting and maintaining your grass every day at pre-programmed times up to 38,000 square feet and returning back to its base to recharge. You can even program it from any Bluetooth-compatible cellphone or PDA! Since it goes out to cut daily, the yard is always at the perfect length, without mower tracks and the small grass clippings it creates actually self-fertilize the lawn and keep it healthy. Since it is an automatic lawn mower, it is outfitted with plenty of safety and security features including a high sensitivity, free-floating, 360° bumper shell, blade stop proximity sensors, yard permieter sensors, rain sensors, and an on-board alarm system to prevent it from being picked up or stolen.

It may seem pricey, but when you figure the cost of paying a lawn service to come out weekly (not daily like this offers) or having to do it yourself and buy a traditional push or riding mower, the endless oil and and skyrocketing gas costs, it basically pays for itself. Plus, remember it's a futuristic robot out there cutting the grass on a sweltering hot summer day, not you. That's just beyond cool and yes, purely satisfying.

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  • Program from cell phone or PDA
  • Cuts lawn for you at pre-programmed times
  • Auto-programs itself to your unique yard
  • Rain sensor protects itself
  • Covers three-quarters of an acre (38,000 square feet) and up to 30-degree slope
  • Doesn't leave tracks like a traditional push mower
  • Cuts every day or every other day as needed- yard is always maintained and small grass clippings actually self-fertilize the lawn
  • No gas or oil - Zero pollution, zero emissions, zero sweat
  • Includes: LawnBott, Charging Station, Perimeter Wire, Instructions

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