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KFC Colonel Sanders Internet Escape Pod

KFC Colonel Sanders Internet Escape Pod

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If you're just utterly bored of surfing the Internet all day and night (like you are right now), having to press a like button on pointless things on social media (more than likely where you just came from), comparison shopping everything down to toothpicks for the best price and reviews (feel free to search for toothpicks above), non-stop staring at illuminated screens (yep, you sure are), or are just sick and tired of technology in general (except adorable little green robots of course), then you might want to invest in this cool new yet very, very bizarre KFC Internet Escape Pod.

Once you turn the fried chicken drumstick door knob and enter this massive $10,000 steel and stainless steel mesh Faraday cage / dome / miniature ThunderDome, it will shield you from the Internet by blocking the wi-fi signal to all your smartphones, tablets, wearables, appliances, laptops,or whatever else you drag in there. It even has a huge Colonel Sanders statue on top with creepy long arms running down the sides to give all those inside a huge protective embrace or maybe he's doing something else to the pod... it's not very clear.

So, if you don't have the sheer will power to simply shut it all down and relax like normal humans used to do back in the simpler times, then this just might be the ultimate solution to save your sanity. Perfect for the home or office, but if you happen to run a KFC restaurant, this would also be a cool way to let your customers sit inside and finally eat their fried chicken in signal-less peace.

Yes, this is real...

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KFC Colonel Sanders Internet Escape Pod
This Big Fruit Loop from MSCHF is just that, a single gigantic fruit-flavored breakfast cereal loop in a random color that takes up an entire cereal box.
KFC Colonel Sanders Internet Escape Pod
Each piece of this red weathered heavy canvas is from a sail on Jabba the Hutt's Sail Barge and encased in a three-part acrylic block held together by magnets.
KFC Colonel Sanders Internet Escape Pod
Realistic faux shrubs designed to conceal utility equipment eyesores around the outside of your home without interferring with their operation.
KFC Colonel Sanders Internet Escape Pod
We love cool stuff for the office and nothing will ever top having a genuine 18 inch, 8 pound Tank Buster Missile sitting right on your desk! It's decorative office weaponry at it's finest and is sure to impress your clients and fellow co-workers and scare your enemies.
KFC Colonel Sanders Internet Escape Pod
Is that wall behind your sofa, headboard, bathtub, litter box, or whatever seem to be missing that certain decorative something?
KFC Colonel Sanders Internet Escape Pod
A massive 10 foot diameter, LED-illuminated inflatable moon balloon with a realistic lunar surface printed on the outside and no noisy fan blower is required.
KFC Colonel Sanders Internet Escape Pod
To use, start growing a little baby watermelon, attach this transparent mold around it, wait for the harvest to pick it, and, Voila!, a square or heart-shaped watermelon pops out that will no longer roll away from you.
KFC Colonel Sanders Internet Escape Pod
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KFC Colonel Sanders Internet Escape Pod
This little 1 cm swatch of authentic Ewok fur was cut from the original Wicket Ewok costume used in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and encased in a three-part acrylic block that includes a signed certificate of authenticity and a photo card of Wicket. No actual Ewoks were harmed. Yub Nub!

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