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Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon

Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon

Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon

I firmly believe that bacon has the potential to bring about world peace! - Anonymous

Forget beef jerky, because, finally, there's Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon! Yes, delicious strips of real fully cooked bacon with have been preserved in a can with a 10 year plus life span. This extended life portable pork snack is the ultimate in must have canned survival goods. Like spinach to Popeye, just pop open this can of bacon and you'll be strong to the finish as you survive through all sorts of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, alien invasions or just fighting your way to the office on the daily commute. There's only 54 slices per can, so pick up a few cans for that extra peace-of-mind.

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