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Rose Thorn Stripper

Rose Thorn Stripper

Rose Thorn Stripper

Roses may be beautiful, but they have a wonderful defense mechanism known as sharp thorns which prevent us pesky humans from easily picking them up and putting them on display. Thankfully humans have invented ingenious tools to prevent these malicious flowers from pricking our fingers, like this cool new Rose Thorn Stripper. This handy gardening tool safely strips a rose from it's painful finger pricking thorns in one simple swipe. Just wrap the blabs around the stem and pull down to render this flower harmless. It can also be used to strip leaves from other cut flowers as well. Your move rose.


  • Easily Remove Thorns From Roses
  • Simply wrap the blades around a stem and pull down.
  • Quickly and easily prepare flowers for bouquets
  • Arrange cut flowers without pricked fingers
  • Includes locking mechanism for storage

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