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Twister Tube

Twister Tube

Twister Tube

There is nothing more terrifying than watching an ominous swirling sky descend down and unleash total devestation, but the dark side of nature can still be fascinating to witness when it's safely contained inside one of these cool new Twister Tubes. Just fill up the glass tube with distilled water, pour in the included Twister Solution™ and power it up to produce an eerily realistic miniature tornado that swirls down from a stormy cloud base on top. With a push of a button, the twister can also be illuminated in 10 different color modes, including unique ones that imitate flashing lightning and flickering flames. Check out the video below to see it in action. So cool.

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  • It looks and acts eerily like a real tornado including the "cloud deck"
  • Full-color lights with 10 different modes selectable by a single push of a button
  • Just fill with distilled water and the included special Twister Solution™
  • When powered on, a motor silently springs to life and begins turning the water into a miniature tornado
  • Polished glass tube, sleek black base, and water resistant lid
  • Size: 15" T

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