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Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella

Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella

Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella

If you're a huge fan of Blade Runner and those cool light up neon umbrellas seen on the rainy streets of a futuristic Los Angeles, then check out this cool new LED Illuminated Umbrella. Light up the night and stay extra visible with this Blade Runner style umbrella with a 7 color LED illuminated shaft and a built-in flashlight in the base of the handle. It features 8 fiberglass reinforced ribs to protect against strong winds and heavy rain, a high density 210 polyester umbrella canopy that repels water and is quick drying, and it can also double as a lightsaber in a pinch. It's perfect for standing in huge outdoor lines on rainy days at sci-fi conventions, cosplay costume ideas, attracting replicants and Sith lords, or just being the eccentric one who likes to stand out from the crowd with a cool illuminated umbrella.

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