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Storm Cloud Weather Predictor

Storm Cloud Weather Predictor

Storm Cloud Weather Predictor

When it comes to predicting weather, you can either rely on modern day meteorologists who always seem to get it wrong, despite all of the latest hardcore weather tracking technology, or you can take your chances with this cool new yet quite old school Storm Cloud Weather Predictor. Based on the mysterious storm glass Admiral Fitzroy used on his voyage with Charles Darwin aboard the HMS Beagle, this little cloud shaped version is also filled with a variety of liquids that either stay clear indicating ideal weather conditions or form different crystal formations that seem to predict various forms of inclement weather. Is it caused by temperature changes, air pressure changes, quantum physics, magic? No one really knows, but again, neither do weathermen with their sleeves all rolled up, endlessly predicting gloom and doom for higher ratings. My forecasting technique... just look out the window.

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  • Storm cloud weather predictor
  • This storm cloud was what Admiral Fitzroy used on his epic voyage with Charles Darwin aboard the HMS Beagle - In 1831
  • Never get caught in the rain again with this stunning bit of magic
  • Crystals inside react to different weather conditions
  • Neat little glass cloud on wooden base
  • Little crystals inside the glass react to the weather and air pressure

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