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Hands-Free Umbrella Hat

Hands-Free Umbrella Hat

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This cool new Umbrella Hat is a large, hands-free umbrella that you wear on your head to protect your head, neck, and shoulders from the sun and rain. It features a silver-coated cloth canopy that protects from harmful UV light from the sun, has an elastic headband and chin strap, 7 durable metal ribs, and collapses down to the size of a normal travel umbrella when not in use. It's perfect for walking the dog, the beach, fishing, gardening, yard work, lawn mowing, hiking, golfing, walking, camping, or anytime you need your hands free and your body dry on rainy days or cool and sunburn free on sunny ones. It also just looks fun to wear, especially if you want attention and plenty of passersby doing double-takes.

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Hi-Reflective Umbrella - Be Seen At Night
This innovative umbrella has a canopy crafted from a brightly reflective material that allows passing cars and others to better see you when their headlights and streetlights reflect off of it.
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Hands-Free Umbrella Hat
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Hands-Free Umbrella Hat
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Hands-Free Umbrella Hat
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Hands-Free Umbrella Hat
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Hands-Free Umbrella Hat
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Hands-Free Umbrella Hat
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Hands-Free Umbrella Hat
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Hands-Free Umbrella Hat
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Hands-Free Umbrella Hat
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