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Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella

Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella

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This Fall or anytime you miss the glorious color-changing seasonal foliage the rest of the year, just pop open this cool new Blazy Days Umbrella from Flora For Faunas. This functional, double-take-inducing umbrella is topped with colorful red, orange, and yellow faux Autumn leaves so that it looks as if you were sheltering from the rain or sun under a big pile of them or just use it as a fashionable accessory for photoshoots, festivals, theater productions, cosplay, parties, Halloween, or simply grabbing some attention while on a leisurely stroll. Each umbrella is handmade to order, available in black, white, red, or yellow secondary canopy colors, and comes in two sizes. Best of all, no back-breaking raking required. 🍂🌂

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Invisible Man Umbrella
What's better than a regular old umbrella on a rainy day? One that looks like the Invisible Man, of course. Maybe you don't, but I definitely think the Invisible Man Umbrella is super cool, even though he looks more like a flasher waiting to strike (he's invisible so it shouldn't matter anyways).
Resident Evil - Umbrella Corporation Umbrella
Show your support of this mega-corporation, protect yourself from inclement weather and fight off the the undead with this cool new Resident Evil - Umbrella Corporation Umbrella.
Half-Circle Umbrella, Table and Chairs
Yep, it's basically a patio set that's cut in half and would be ideal for apartments or condos with balconies. Cool idea.
LED Starry Night Triangle Sun Shade Canopy
This triangular canopy provides shade and blocks up to 90 percent of UV light during the day and illuminates at night with 100 solar-powered starry LEDs.
Club Umbrella - Compact Golf Club Umbrella
Compact, spring-loaded umbrella for your golf clubs.
Amazing SENZ Original Umbrella - Withstands 70 MPH Winds!
The SENZ Original Umbrella is the world's first aerodynamic and nearly unbreakable umbrella that can withstand near hurricane speed winds up to 70 MPH.
Patio Table Mosquito Canopy
Want to enjoy the outdoors on your patio this Summer without being assaulted by endless squadrons of biting and buzzing mosquitos, flies, gnats, and other annoying flying insects? Prefer not be covered in strong chemical bug sprays and/or inhaling insect repellent candles?
Patio Umbrella Marquee Lights
This unique and decorative ring of 12 warm-toned LED globe lights snugly wraps around a patio umbrella pole and no extension cords are needed.
Waterfall Umbrella Canopy Light Cover
This Summer, add a little romantic ambiance to your patio in the evenings when you softly illuminate it with this Waterfall Umbrella Canopy Light Cover.

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Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella
Slip these over vegetables and fruits as they're growing to mold them over time into fun star and heart shapes come harvest.
Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella
This creepy crawly metal plant stand is shaped like a giant spider with 4 long legs on each side to hold a planter up to 40 pounds on its back.
Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!
Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella
Three whimsical figures that sit on the edge of a pot, glass, or vase to help hold up plant cuttings, young sprouts, flowers, or even avocado stems.
Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella
This whimsical ceramic planter has a self-watering reservoir that looks like a little foot spa and two leg-like wicking ropes that dip down into the water.
Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella
Help protect garden plants from harsh weather and hungry pests and help trap warmth and moisture for earlier Spring plantings and extended Fall growing times.
Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella
Ergonomic and sculptural watering can holds 2 gallons of water, which means less trips back to the faucet, and features a perforated section on the stainless steel lid for pouring water as a gentle shower or pour directly from the removable spout
Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella
Disguised as a giant orange carrot, this whimsical self-watering planter spike lets you know when it needs a refill based on the height of the leaves on top.
Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella
This festive sculptural topiary is handmade in the USA (with a little inspiration from the North Pole) from lush English Ivy and soft decorative moss over a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer-shaped galvanized wire frame.

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