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Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella

Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella

Colorful Autumn Leaves Umbrella

This Fall or anytime you miss the glorious color-changing seasonal foliage the rest of the year, just pop open this cool new Blazy Days Umbrella from Flora For Faunas. This functional, double-take-inducing umbrella is topped with colorful red, orange, and yellow faux Autumn leaves so that it looks as if you were sheltering from the rain or sun under a big pile of them or just use it as a fashionable accessory for photoshoots, festivals, theater productions, cosplay, parties, Halloween, or simply grabbing some attention while on a leisurely stroll. Each umbrella is handmade to order, available in black, white, red, or yellow secondary canopy colors, and comes in two sizes. Best of all, no back-breaking raking required. 🍂🌂

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  • The reds, oranges, and yellows of autumn leaves are so beautiful, who wouldn't want to admire them all year round
  • Use as a shade from the sun, stay dry in the rain, or as an attention-grabbing accessory for festivals, parties, holidays, photoshoots, theater productions, or a stroll
  • The leaves on the umbrella are not real
  • Secondary colors: black, white, red, or yellow
  • Handmade to order
  • Size: 34" or 46" Diameter

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