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Broadsword Handle Umbrella

Broadsword Handle Umbrella

Broadsword Handle Umbrella

It doesn't matter whether you're a medieval knight marching into battle to defend (or expand) your kingdom or just a regular Joe walking down the street, because when the skies open up and the rain begins to fall, simply unsheathe your trusty Broadsword Handle Umbrella and, well, stay dry. This cool new umbrella sword has a massive two-handed broadsword handle wrapped in a leatherette grip and easily stores away in an included carrying case with shoulder strap AKA scabbard. There's no actual blade, just an umbrella with easy push button opening, but you could still crack an evil enemy upside the head with it. Fun.

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  • Be ready to defend yourself against falling moisture in style
  • Two-handed handle is injection molded plastic with a metalized finish, wrapped with a leatherette grip
  • Push button opening
  • Umbrella has a black exterior and a silver interior
  • Includes a carrying case with a shoulder strap - the umbrella's scabbard

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