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Ambient Weather Forecasting Umbrella - Great For Golfers!

Ambient Weather Forecasting Umbrella - Great For Golfers!

The Weather Forecasting Umbrella has a handle with a built-in radio receiver that receives weather data for 150 U.S. locations from As inclement weather approaches the umbrella, an LED light in the handle flashes more and more rapidly to warn you. I don't know if this concept of having to carry around an umbrella everywhere I go just to warn me of upcoming precipitation actually beats out the old-fashioned ways of looking up at the clouds, checking the weather forecast beforehand or simply raising my hand and feeling rain.

The one obvious use I could think of would be a really cool early-warning weather system for golfers who stow an umbrella in their bags. If the handle is flashing madly from the top of the bag, it's probably time to put down the golf clubs and head for the clubhouse. Let us know in the Comments what you think of a device like this or in what other situations could a weather forecasting umbrella be handy?

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