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Dualbrella - Umbrella For Two

Dualbrella - Umbrella For Two

Whenever it rains and the umbrellas come out, you'll usually see two people crammed and fighting for the dry position underneath just one. After all this time, no one thought to make an umbrella for two, until now. The cool new Dualbrella is one of the first umbrellas designed for two people to stay dry in a downpour. The oversized canopy of this innovative umbrella unfolds and spans out to 6' wide and 3' deep and requires only one hand to hold. It features lightweight dual steel tubes, stretchers, and ribs provide a rigid structure and a 100% nylon cover and pouch. If you're alone, it not only offers you much more protection from inclement weather, but it also provides enough coverage to protect an armful of packages and bags as well. It also appears to be large enough to fly you away like a certain winged caped crusader in a strong wind!


  • Umbrella designed for two people
  • Oversized canopy spans 6' wide and 3' deep
  • Lightweight dual steel tubes, stretchers, and ribs provide a rigid structure
  • Only one hand is required to hold it
  • Also protects one person carrying an armful of packages
  • 100% nylon cover and pouch
  • Manual open - pull-cord assists closing
  • Size: Closed - 36" L x 2 3/4" W - 1 1/4 lbs

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