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FLEXX Wind Adapting Market Umbrella

FLEXX Wind Adapting Market Umbrella

FLEXX Wind Adapting Market Umbrella

Don't you hate it when you're relaxing outdoors on a seemingly beautiful sunny day and then a violent Summer storm whips up out of nowhere and sends your patio table and umbrella flipping across the backyard or worse up in the air over your neighbor's house, never to be seen again. The solution is to replace your inflexible, tipping prone patio umbrella with this cool new FLEXX Wind Adapting Market Umbrella. Rather than becoming a dangerous projectile when the winds pick up, this innovative market umbrella features a pole that flexes in high winds to prevent tipping over and causing damage. I'm not sure of the maximum wind velocity this umbrella can take, but it will definitely give you extra time to close it.

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  • Pole flexes in high winds to resist damage and prevent tip-overs
  • Pole maintains a traditional upright position in winds up to 8 mph
  • Capable of resisting damage in high winds
  • Deep pockets inside the canopy provide optimal support for the ribs
  • 100% aluminum pole has a powder-coated finish that resists damage from the sun and rain
  • 100% woven acrylic canopy is fade- and microbial-resistant and blocks 98% of the sun's harmful UV rays
  • 9' octagonal canopy provides 64' sq. of shade and tilts to three different angles
  • Hand crank opens and closes the umbrella
  • Size: 98" H x 109" Diameter 14 lbs

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