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ARC Lighter - Rechargeable Flameless Candle Lighter

ARC Lighter - Rechargeable Flameless Candle Lighter

Ancient matches and hard to light fuel lighters are a thing of the past. The cool new ARC Lighter is the world's first rechargeable flameless candle lighter that can safely and instantly ignite short candle wicks, fireplaces, pilot lights, sparklers, incense, and more. With a just a simply press of a button, this high tech lighter generates a super high-intensity 2,012° F voltaic arc that can light just about anything it touches. It can be lit 90 times per charge, recharges via an included micro USB cable, has a sliding safety tip when not in use, operates upside down, and is even windproof. Best of all, no more refilling with messy butane or burnt fingers using matches.


  • World’s first flameless, electronic, rechargeable candle lighter
  • Safely and instantly lights candles, BBQ grills, fireplaces, candles, stoves, pilots, sternos, sparklers, incense, and more!
  • Reach and quickly light short wicks
  • Press of a button generates a super high-intensity 2,012° F voltaic arc
  • Safe: Slide-out tip conceals the ceramic tip when not in use
  • Can light 90 times based on 8 seconds per light on a single charge
  • Operates upside down
  • Windproof
  • No butane mess or refilling needed
  • The electronic pulse sent to a pair of conductive electrodes at the lighter’s tip, ionizes the air in between them
  • Features a custom replaceable and rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • To charge, simply connect to any powered USB port for two hours and you're ready to go
  • Includes: 1 Device, 1 Micro USB Charging Cable, User Manual
  • Size: 7.75" H x 1" W x 0.75" D - 2.5 oz

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