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Lightbulb Candle

Lightbulb Candle

Lightbulb Candle

If you're worried about global warming and rising energy costs, forget replacing your incandescent lightbulbs with those lousy, mercury-filled flourescent bulbs, just screw in one of these cool new Lightbulb Candles. It looks just like a lighbulb, screws in like a lightbulb, but is just a simple, energy-saving candle. It's guaranteed to save you money on electricity when you light the wick instead of flipping the switch and makes a great emergency candle to screw in the light socket when you lose power during a storm or from an apocalyptic electrical grid blackout. Also makes a funny gag gift if you have Amish friends.

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  • 5 hour burning time
  • Materials: paraffin wax, cotton wick, metal base
  • Size: 4" T x 2" W - 100 grams

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