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Gardena Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper

Gardena Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper

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This Autumn, as the colorful leaves begin to fall... everywhere, forget the rake, the frustration, and the back pain and just use this cool new Gardena Leaf Collector to sweep them all up instead. When you see fallen leaves scattered all over your lawn, just push this convenient, manual rolling leaf collector over them to sweep them up with ease. It features a height adjustable integrated sweeping mechanism that collects leaves and grass cuttings and a removable integrated collecting container for easy emptying. It's almost as good as a super windy Fall day right next to a super unlucky neighbor.

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Gardena Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper
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Gardena Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper
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Gardena Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper
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Gardena Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper
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Gardena Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper
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Gardena Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper
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Gardena Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper
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Gardena Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper
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Gardena Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper
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