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Soleil In-Pool Adirondack Chair

Soleil In-Pool Adirondack Chair

Soleil In-Pool Adirondack Chair

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You can't beat the comfort on an Adirondack chair, but it's even better in the water as you soak up the summer. This cool new Soleil A In-Pool Adirondack Chair is a water-filled Adirondack chair that's designed for sitting in up to 9 inches of shallow water on your pool's Baja shelf / extended steps, down at the beach, or just enjoy it poolside. It features tough polyethylene construction that can withstand the sun's harsh rays, the outdoor elements, and pool chemicals, has a contoured seat for superior lumbar support, and is made in the USA. If all you have is a little inflatable kiddie pool, it works just as well in there too.

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