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Phonofone II - Retro MP3 Player Speaker

Phonofone II - Retro MP3 Player Speaker

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The Phonofone II by designer Tristan Zimmermann, is the ultimate external speaker for your iPod or MP3 player. The ceramic Phonofone II passively amplifies the music playing from your MP3 player's earbud headphones into a warm, rich and resonant sound, boosted up to around 55 decibels. The simple horn acoustics and retro, old-fashioned design combined with today's state-of-the-art audio electronics, transforms this into a luxuriously unique music accessory. They define it as a "sculptural audio console", I say it's just plain cool and a must have for audiophiles and lovers of beautiful, functional design. It's nice to see a piece of advanced technology that doesn't require batteries and that isn't made of plastic too.

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Phonofone II - Retro MP3 Player Speaker
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Phonofone II - Retro MP3 Player Speaker
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Phonofone II - Retro MP3 Player Speaker
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Phonofone II - Retro MP3 Player Speaker
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Phonofone II - Retro MP3 Player Speaker
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Phonofone II - Retro MP3 Player Speaker
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Phonofone II - Retro MP3 Player Speaker
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Phonofone II - Retro MP3 Player Speaker
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Phonofone II - Retro MP3 Player Speaker
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