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Yamaha EZ-EG Self-Teaching Electric Guitar

Yamaha EZ-EG Self-Teaching Electric Guitar

Yamaha EZ-EG Self-Teaching Electric Guitar

A friend was thinking of learning to play the guitar and came across this cool Yamaha EZ-EG Self-Teaching Electric Guitar. This thing features just about everything you will ever need to learn to play just like a rockstar. I would love to learn to play an instrument and electric guitar wins out over them all. Sorry horns.



  • 12 lighted frets show hand position for chords
  • 3 play modes, including Strumming, Chord Training, and Full Play (using both hands - shows you chord changes while you strum and play chords)
  • 6 strings for strumming or finger picking
  • 9 realistic guitar sounds - 8 bass guitar sounds - plus banjo, shamisen, and piano
  • 3 built in songs, plus 15 songs riffs to learn

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