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Fuse Rec - Vertical Vinyl Record Player w/ Album Cover Display Slot

Fuse Rec - Vertical Vinyl Record Player w/ Album Cover Display Slot

Fuse Rec - Vertical Vinyl Record Player w/ Album Cover Display Slot

Vinyl records have had quite a lasting comeback and this cool new Fuse Rec - Vertical Vinyl Record Player lets you play them from an all new angle, literally. This modern yet quite vintage-inspired record player spins your favorite vinyl records vertically to not only save space, but to put the record itself on full display. There's also a slot in the back to hold and show off the now playing album cover too. It features a real handcrafted Ashtree hardwood veneer, a perfectly balanced and counter-weighted tone arm with an Audio Technica AT3600L upgraded cartridge, a pair of 3" 5 watt speakers, can receive Bluetooth streaming, and it plays 45 or 33 rpm records. Best of all, it's all-in-one, so just plug it in, spin a record, and groove... 🎶

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  • Premium vertical vinyl audio system that plays on the lines of Mid Century modern design
  • Rectangular shape perfectly blends in with stylish geometric shapes
  • Vintage yet modern design
  • Real handcrafted Ashtree hardwood veneer is gracefully wrapped around a MDF box
  • Slot in back to display your favorite Record Album Covers
  • Perfectly balanced and counter weighted tone arm allows for the record to be played in a vertical position without wobbling from side to side
  • Each tone arm is dynamically adjusted to ensure the tracking force is applied at the correct weight (4g) without damaging your favorite records
  • Steady sound even when the vinyl has a wobble preventing anti-skating
  • Pair of 3" 5 watt speakers
  • Belt Driven
  • Plays 45 or 33 rpm records
  • Can receive BlueTooth streaming from a smartphone
  • Balanced Tone Arm with Audio Technica AT3600L Upgraded Cartridge
  • Line Out - Connect your external speakers to this player

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