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Vertical Victrola Turntable

Vertical Victrola Turntable

Vertical Victrola Turntable


If you're loving the resurgence of vinyl records, but wish there was a more space-saving way to listen to them, then check out this cool new Vertical Victrola. Seemingly defying gravity, this unique vertical turntable, reminiscent of a classic Victrola, spins your favorite records sideways and includes built-in stereo speakers, a hidden CD player beneath the platter, a digital AM/FM radio with retro tuning dials, and even can be used as a wireless Bluetooth speaker as well. Unlike all the cheap plastic tech gadgets of the modern era, this old-fashioned turntable has a walnut finished wood cabinet and is enclosed behind two hinged glass doors allowing you to see the record spinning inside. It can be placed on a bookshelf or mantel and includes hardware if you decide to mount it on the wall instead. Check out this video to see it in action.

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  • Contemporary all-in-one stereo system plays LPs vertically to conserve valuable floor space
  • Reminiscent of the classic Victrolas from radio's golden age
  • Ideal for use on a bookshelf, wall-mounted, or on a mantel
  • 3-Speed Turntable (33, 45, 78 RPM)
  • CD player cleverly concealed in the center of the platter
  • Pairs with a smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player via Bluetooth
  • Digital AM/FM radio with a retro tuning dial plays over-the-air broadcasts
  • 3.5mm aux port provides a wired connection
  • Built-In Stereo Speakers
  • Cabinet is constructed from 3/4" thick engineered wood in a rich walnut finish
  • Hinged glass doors
  • Can be wall mounted with included hardware
  • Size: 24" H x 20" W x 11" D - 24 lbs

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