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Danbocchi - Personal Soundproof Privacy Box

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Danbocchi - Personal Soundproof Privacy Box

Whether you want a little privacy plus some rare peace and quiet in this modern world or you just want to be the utterly annoying noisy one, the cool new Personal Soundproof Privacy Box is the solution for you. Yep, the Danbocchi is a personal soundproof booth that's made in Japan from reinforced, dual-layered honeycomb cardboard that can surprisingly reduce noises from inside the box nearly 30 decibels on the outside. It features a ventilation shaft, a door, a hole for cables, and even has a table. It's perfect for apartments with thin walls, a spot to listen to music, practice playing a guitar or other musical instrument, make a private phone call, record a podcast, or just enter to simply SCREAM!!!


  • Around 30 db reduction
  • Includes ventilation shaft, hole for cables, table
  • Self-assembly
  • Instructions: Japanese
  • Sizes: Available in different sized models

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