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Authentic Cold War Tank Buster Missile!

Authentic Cold War Tank Buster Missile!

Authentic Cold War Tank Buster Missile!

We love cool stuff for the office and nothing will ever top having a genuine 18 inch, 8 pound Tank Buster Missile sitting right on your desk! It's decorative office weaponry at it's finest and is sure to impress your clients and fellow co-workers and scare your enemies.

Official Description

"Armor-piercing missiles were built during the Cold War for the M1-A1 Abrams tank (America's primary battle tank). Dubbed "tank busters," they were designed to take out heavily armored Warsaw Pact tanks on the European battlefield. Tens of thousands of these missiles were destroyed under the Department of Defense's "crush rule." By our wits, some luck and a connection in the Pentagon, we rescued a few practice rounds. Made in the USA of inert materials. Each stands 18" tall and weighs a whopping 8 lbs.! Some engraved with the D.O.D.'s item number (GI M-735). Displayed on your desk or mantel, they'll serve as a reminder of our Cold War past and a talisman for future peace. These make awesome bookends, too!"

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