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Monkey's Paw - Good For 3 Wishes!

Monkey's Paw - Good For 3 Wishes!

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"As I wished it twisted in my hands like a snake!" - Mr. Herbert White (The Monkey's Paw)

Do you wish to challenge fate? Value desire over consequence? Want to monkey around with power beyond imagination? Well, be careful what you wish for when you raise up this Monkey's Paw in your right hand and make three wishes. This creepy, handmade replica of the infamous cursed Monkey's Paw described in W.W. Jacobs' short story of the same name is not an actual mummified simian appendage of course, but a highly realistic silicone recreation with a "wiggly creepy texture", faux monkey fur, and handy key ring. That being said, it's still good for 3 wishes... if you dare. It also makes a great stocking stuffer for those on your naughty list, someone who is really hard to buy for, or just anyone who's into powerful supernatural oddities beyond a boring old rabbit's foot. Good luck!

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Monkey's Paw - Good For 3 Wishes!
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Monkey's Paw - Good For 3 Wishes!
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Monkey's Paw - Good For 3 Wishes!
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Monkey's Paw - Good For 3 Wishes!
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Monkey's Paw - Good For 3 Wishes!
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