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Sand-Off! - Sand Removal Mitt

Sand-Off! - Sand Removal Mitt

Sand-Off! - Sand Removal Mitt

"I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere." - Anakin Skywalker

Sand is a delightful thing when you're on the beach, but it becomes a complete and utter nuisance once you leave and it follows you into the car and back to the hotel or your home. Try brushing it off with your towel or hands and it just spreads all over. If this drives you nuts too, then check out this cool new Sand-Off! Mitt. This unique plush terry cloth mitt has unscented and all-natural dry body wash powder embedded inside the mitt that releases when you clap it and then quickly wipes away the sand from your skin with ease, even with suntan lotion and perspiration present. Perfect for removing sand from kids who have most likely been burying themselves in it all day or even playing in the sandbox at home and is also great for people of all ages. Each mitt has enough powder for up to 40 uses and includes a handy carry pouch as well.

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  • Leave the sand at the beach or in the sandbox
  • Convenient way to wipe off sand from your skin
  • Patented unscented dry body wash powder formulation embedded in the mitt removes sand with no mess
  • Powder breaks the bond between the sand and skin
  • Simply clap the mitt, rub it on your skin and say bye-bye to sand
  • Good for up to 40 uses a.k.a. one amazing summer at the beach
  • Help ensure that sand will not follow you to the car, hotel, or home
  • Plush terry cloth applicator is gentle to the skin
  • Works even with suntan lotion and perspiration
  • All natural, talcum-free
  • Recommended for all ages
  • Portable and travel friendly - carry pouch included
  • Perfect for beach events, vacations, beach volleyball, sandboxes, anywhere there is sand!

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