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Giant 7' Inflatable Killer Whale

Giant 7' Inflatable Killer Whale

Giant 7' Inflatable Killer Whale

Nobody likes to be held captive and made to perform stupid tricks, especially giant killer whales trapped in aquatic circus stadiums. Just like other mammals, namely us, these highly intelligent and social creatures occasionally snap under stress and either make a break for oceanic freedom by diving over the fence like Willy or they just decide they've had enough and fight back. So if you really want to see orcas out hunting in their pods, flipping out of the sea and happily splashing away in all their glory, I recommend going on a fun whale watching trip.

The only whales that should ever be held captive in small tanks simply to entertain humans would be these cool new Giant 7' Inflatable Killer Whales! These realistic and massive, air-filled orcas let you ride around on them in the pool, don't need to be fed and never, ever try to escape. Unfortunately, if their blowhole actually blows, it's probably just sprung a leak and needs to be patched with the included repair kit. Too soon?

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