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Withings - WiFi Body Scale

Withings - WiFi Body Scale

Withings - WiFi Body Scale

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The cool new Withings - WiFi Body Scale is the world's first WiFi connected bathroom scale that not only adds incentive to losing weight, it makes it fun too. Just connect this stylish high-tech scale to your current wireless Wifi connection, step on and watch as it analyzes your weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) and fat mass, and uploads the data automatically to a private, password protected website where you can track your performance and monitor weight loss goals. It's almost like a game.

In addition to the web dashboard, the Withings - WiFi Body Scale also includes a free iPhone application to access your data on the go and if you're really brave, it even allows you to share your numbers with friends, family or the world via emails, websites and Twitter. It also features a durable tempered glass slab, covered with a layer of metal, a large backlit graphic screen, automatic user recognition and much more.

I'm definitely considering getting one and sharing my numbers online. Although a bit embarrassing, I think a little public shaming will really help motivate me to get in shape. The scale has finally entered the 21st century!

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