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Sauerkraut Fermentation Pot

Sauerkraut Fermentation Pot

Sauerkraut Fermentation Pot

Homemade sauerkraut is so much tastier and healthier than the typical canned stuffed, so if you've ever wanted to make your own, just use this cool new Sauerkraut Fermentation Pot. This 2.5 gallon (10 Liter) fermentation crock is handcrafted in Poland from regional, enriched vitrified clay and is perfect for making gourmet sauerkraut from cabbage, salt and some caraway seeds. It features an airtight water-sealable cover that allows gasses to escape without letting oxygen in, is lead free, and if you need a stone weight to help keep the cabbage submerged in the brine, that's sold separately. Check out the video below to learn how to make sauerkraut easily and learn some of it's healthy benefits.

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