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Pickle Flavored Soda

Pickle Flavored Soda

Pickle Flavored Soda

If you love pickles, especially pickle juice, then prepare yourself for a whole new experience when you chug down a bottle of this cool new Pickle Flavored Soda Pop. This intriguing bottle of soda pop is not just carbonated briny pickle juice from a jar, it actually blends the unique taste and aroma of a sour dill pickle with the sweetness of pure cane sugar into a tasty one-of-a-kind beverage. It's not only fun to appease your taste bud's now overwhelming curiosity, it's also great for pranking your thirsty friends and family and probably mixes great with a shot of bourbon as well. I confess. I love pickles and sneaking sips from the pickle jar and I can't wait to try this.

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  • It turns out anything can be pickled - even soda!
  • Pop converts the flavor experience of sipping from a pickle jar into a sweet soda that’s easy to gulp down
  • Blends the deliciousness of a sour dill pickle with the sweetness of pure cane sugar to create a unique but mellow flavor
  • Both passionate picklers and intrigued taste adventurers will enjoy the one-of-a-kind beverage
  • Uses pure cane sugar
  • Size: 12 fl. Oz
  • Made in the USA

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