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Sailing Ship Whiskey Decanter

Sailing Ship Whiskey Decanter

Sailing Ship Whiskey Decanter

If you're into sailing the high seas, fine whisk(e)y, and epic decorative barware, then check out this cool new Sailing Ship Whiskey Decanter from The Wine Savant. This beautiful handblown glass decanter is shaped like a large ship complete with masts, sails, flags, and plenty of room on board for your finest bourbon, Scotch, wine, or even mouthwash. Perfect for pouring another round with friends, especially on a boat, as you all tell stories of your past adventures.

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  • Sail the seas and drink your spirits, a centerpiece for any bar, office, or table
  • Embrace your love of both travel adventure and a good whiskey/scotch.
  • Magnificent sails and detailed handblown work
  • Includes glass decanter stopper
  • Lead free glass

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