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Edible Food Crayons - Seasonal Holiday Flavors Box

Edible Food Crayons - Seasonal Holiday Flavors Box

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Normally, you shouldn't eat crayons at the the dinner table... or ever, but that all changes when you graduate from the kid's table to the big table and break out these cool new Seasonal Box of Edible Food Crayons. This set of three culinary crayons are not meant for drawing on your placemat, they're actually solid condiments that you twist in an included sharpener over your favorite holiday foods, desserts, and cocktails to add shavings of unique gourmet flavor and a splash of color. They're made from 100% natural, Vegan, and gluten-free ingredients, have a long 12 month shelf life, come in flavor combinations like Carrot Orange Ginger, Fig and Balsamic Vinegar, and Tangerine and Cinnamon. Hmm, I guess if you really wanted to, go ahead and eat the crayons and draw on your placemat too. Bon appetit! 🖍️😋

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Bacon Jam
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Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese - Bold and Cheesy, Flamin' Hot, and Cheesy Jalapeno
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Edible Food Crayons - Seasonal Holiday Flavors Box
Yes, after untold decades of munching on fast food while driving, there's now a handy contraption that securely holds most shapes of sauce cups and even sauces like ketchup from packets easily within reach right on your vehicle's air vent.
Edible Food Crayons - Seasonal Holiday Flavors Box
Evil peanut butter infused with the infamous Bhut Jolokia Ghost Chili Pepper, the world's hottest and meanest chili pepper, and Habanero chili extract to drive the Scoville Heat Scale up to a dangerously hot and disturbing 12,000,000 Scoville heat units!
Edible Food Crayons - Seasonal Holiday Flavors Box
This tantalizing condiment concoction combines the classic cayenne pepper heat and flavor of Frank's RedHot sauce with the tangy taste of dill pickles.
Edible Food Crayons - Seasonal Holiday Flavors Box
Just when you thought Sprayable Maple Syrup was the coolest maple syrup around, now maple syrup has gone bright blue... and Cap'n Crunch is somehow involved!
Edible Food Crayons - Seasonal Holiday Flavors Box
This all-natural maple syrup is loaded with 84mg of caffeine per serving, more than most energy drinks, to give you a super jolt of morning power!
Edible Food Crayons - Seasonal Holiday Flavors Box
Heinz has infused their iconic tomato ketchup with the tangy, zesty flavors of a briny dill pickle.
Edible Food Crayons - Seasonal Holiday Flavors Box
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Edible Food Crayons - Seasonal Holiday Flavors Box
It's really hard to put ketchup on your fries when you're driving, but that's no longer a problem when you sprinkle on some of this cool new Ketchup Salt.
Edible Food Crayons - Seasonal Holiday Flavors Box
The perfect oil for the health conscious gourmet and one of the healthiest oils on the planet.

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