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Dill Pickle Cotton Candy

Dill Pickle Cotton Candy

Dill Pickle Cotton Candy

When the sugary sweet taste of cotton candy and the briny sour taste of dill pickles collide, along comes this cool new Grandpa Joe's Dilly Pickle Cotton Candy. Yep, dill pickle-flavored cotton candy now exists. Perfect for those who prefer their confections to be a bit more savory, those who like weird toppings on hamburgers and hot dogs, and the mischievous ones who like to prank others. The only downside is that this fluffy pickle melts in your mouth instead of creating that satisfying crunch.

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  • Fluffy cotton candy with sour dill flavor
  • Imagine savoring your dill pickle delight on a pillowy cloud that dissolves on your tongue
  • A sweet and sour treat that's light, fluffy, and definitely tastes of pickles
  • The unexpected pairing of pickle flavor with melts-in-your-mouth cotton candy texture makes this a unique and interesting briny treat
  • Ingredients: sugar, natural flavor, silicon dioxide, Blue 1, Yellow 5
  • Contains 0 mg of sodium
  • Made in the USA

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