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LolliStraws - Candy Drinking Straws

LolliStraws - Candy Drinking Straws

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Want to sweeten up your cocktails, sodas, milkshakes, and more? Then drink them through these cool new LolliStraw - Candy Drinking Straws. These fun straws/stirrers are made from colorful, striped hard candy sticks with a hole down the center in cherry, caramel, and green apple flavors. When finished with your drink, you can eat the straw as well.

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LolliStraws - Candy Drinking Straws
The perfect way to dress up any bottle for any occassion!
LolliStraws - Candy Drinking Straws
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LolliStraws - Candy Drinking Straws
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LolliStraws - Candy Drinking Straws
This mystical pint glass has a built-in fortune teller at the bottom that answers any yes or no question, but you have to finish your beer first.
LolliStraws - Candy Drinking Straws
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LolliStraws - Candy Drinking Straws
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LolliStraws - Candy Drinking Straws
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LolliStraws - Candy Drinking Straws
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LolliStraws - Candy Drinking Straws
Chills and pours beer, liquor, sangria, shots and more without diluting the flavor!

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