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PickleStar LED Illuminated Pickleball Paddles

PickleStar LED Illuminated Pickleball Paddles

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If you love playing pickleball all day, now you can play it all night too... in the dark, with these cool new PickleStar LED Illuminated Pickleball Paddles. These futuristic graphite carbon fiber pickleball paddles have bright LED illuminated edges that can be seen from the opposite side of the court at night. They feature a honeycomb polypropylene core, a double anti-scratch protection edge, a comfortable grip, stay lit up to 12 hours, and include 10 replacement batteries and a carrying case. They're available in green, blue, red, or flashing multi-color colors and matching LED Light Up Pickleballs and LED Light Up Court Line Markers are also available as well. Check out the video below to see them in action.

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PickleStar LED Illuminated Pickleball Paddles
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PickleStar LED Illuminated Pickleball Paddles
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PickleStar LED Illuminated Pickleball Paddles
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PickleStar LED Illuminated Pickleball Paddles
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PickleStar LED Illuminated Pickleball Paddles
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PickleStar LED Illuminated Pickleball Paddles
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PickleStar LED Illuminated Pickleball Paddles
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PickleStar LED Illuminated Pickleball Paddles
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PickleStar LED Illuminated Pickleball Paddles
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